Triggered Alerts

Triggered Alerts

Take the Right Action at the Right Time
Continuously monitor your customer data with custom rules or predictive data science algorithms. When key patterns are matched, trigger the appropriate actions from high tech best practice engagements to tech touch automation.
You can easily create Triggers and alerts in the admin panel. It lets you create custom rules and setup appropriate automated actions. You can tack change in KPIs and Health Scores by setting up change triggers.


Create custom rules to track KPIs, Health Score, MRR, etc.


Raise important alerts through EPA integration and notify your team When a rule is triggered.

Automated Playbook Assignment

Assign playbooks to accounts automatically when a rule is triggered.

Scheduled Triggers

Easily schedule your rule triggers at fixed times or intervals.


Product Adoption

Prevent Churn

Tech Touch Customer Success

Customer Health

Renewal Management

Risk Management

Customer Expansion

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