Standardize the best series of actions
Success4 Playbook lets you create a standard set of actions, for your customers, throughout your organization
Manage Customer On-boarding, Renewal, QBR, Cross-sell/Up-Sell, Customer health, etc. You can create playbooks very easily from the admin console and start using them right away. You can also integrate your favorite software tools with playbook actions to perform actions automatically.


Take the most important series of actions for tech/low touch customers. You can assign playbooks to accounts and customize the actions for each customer for your needs. You also have access to best practice Playbooks and actions to start with.


Manage your important documents and notes for each action.

External Process Automation

Integrate your favorite software tools with playbook actions to automate the most important tasks right inside from Success4.

Action Timeline

Visualize all your actions on Gantt chart timeline. It shows you the due dates of all actions and lets you effectively prioritize the actions.

Want to know how playbooks fit within your workflow?