Key Performance Indicators

Measure the metrics that are most important for Success
Success4 KPI component lets you create a wide variety of highly flexible KPI metrics
Track your MRR, Usage, progress, account health distribution, NPS, Health Score, etc. You can create a KPI very easily using the KPI UI component in the admin panel. Select the KPI type which is most suitable for your needs. KPI lets you focus on the most important metrics for your success and take appropriate actions at the right time.


Trend KPI lets you see the the trend in the most important metrics like MRR, usage, Health score, etc. for configurable time duration.

Progress Bar

Track and meet your most important targets like target seats, revenue, feature usage, etc. with progress KPI.


Track the distribution of Health scores, NPS scores, Customer Sentiment scores of all your customers and classify them in bad, average, good, and very good.

KPI Scopes

You can select the Account, User, or Global scope for your KPI. The same KPI adapts the information for different users and accounts automatically.


Customer 360

Success Planning

Want to know how you can get started with KPIs?