Custom Data Attribute

Custom Data Attribute

Extend Your Customer Data with Direct CSM Input
Success4 Custom Data Attribute lets you capture custom information from your CSMs with great ease.
You can easily create new Custom Data Attributes from the admin panel. You can choose and configure various input fields to select from. It lets you easily capture Customer Sentiment score and other information which is important for your CSMs and Customer Success.

Capture Qualitative Customer Data

Easily capture your CSMs assessment of Important customer attributes such as Customer Sentiment, Customer Risk, etc. for all your accounts.

Custom Forms and Fields/Notes

Structure CSM provided customer data. Create custom forms, choose custom fields such as radio buttons, Textarea, Calendar, checkbox, Select options, etc.

Read/Write Permission

Assign read and write permissions to primary CSM and extended team. Easily manage the access to custom data attributes.


Customer 360

Voice of Customer

Customer Health

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