Customer Success Manager

Customer Success


A better way to do Customer Success.

Define your Customer Success process’s exact expected behavior and Success4 makes sure that it never deviates.

Playbook Guidance and Health Score

Account playbooks provide a repeatable, trackable, and systematic way to customer success. Use best practices Playbook actions or define your custom Ones. Track the health of each customer And take appropriate actions

Email and Calendar Integrations

Email and Calendar from your Gsuite and Office365 accounts can be easily configured and relevant emails and calendar events for specific Accounts can be filtered and made visible in the Account 360 screens.

External Process Automation

Set up external triggers including alerts via calls, SMS, and other external systems. You can also connect to other applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Wootric, Pardot, ServiceNow to create tickets, cases, leads, etc.

Want to instill a customer centric culture in your ogrganization?