Service Request Prioritization and Analytics

Business Use case

Streamline, monitor, prioritize, assign, and analyze customer impacting requests coming from multiple different internal business entities and provide a single pane of glass view for the Business leaders and executives to have proper accountability, ownership, resource management and visibility.


Created and deployed a customer request consolidation and creation tool. Provided reports of customer requests created by Business entities, Service providers, and various internal business groups and enable a way to assign strategic priority weighting and priority ranks. Allowing assignment and reassignment of requests to people within the organization with detailed notes for each request (add assets, links to each note). Provided detailed and customizable analytics reports on coverage, assignments, completion rates, etc.

  • Using our very powerful UI builder, we were able to create dynamic tables, charts, and reports very quickly within a week and deployed in a production grade server with Docker and Kubernetes
  • The new “Quick Links” menu helped to create new requests, notes, and contacts for each and every service requests by the click of a button
  • The ability to email and schedule meetings from within the platform is so powerful, the primary stakeholders would never have to leave the tool to communicate with other internal stakeholders