Who should Customer Success Report to?

By David Stewart September 19th, 2019

Who should Customer Success Report to? One of the challenges of being in Customer Success is it often gets lost inside an organization in terms of who it should report into. In a recent survey I conducted I found no dominant area..

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Controlling Your Customer Success Data in the Cloud

By Success4 September 10th, 2019

Customer success is vital to your business and so is the integrity and security of your data. With the current rate of technology advancement and innovation today, we are producing and collecting more data than ever before. That data needs to be stored securely and in compliance with the regulatory framework of your industry...

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How to Quantify Customer Success

By Success4 August 21st, 2019

Customer success is something we all strive for. However, we tend to focus most on the metrics that directly impact the bottom line, and there’s much more to it than that Sales conversions may be the ultimate endgame, but customer retention, engagement, and reputation are all critical aspects as well..

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4 Effective Customer Success Strategies for 2019

By Success4 June 3rd, 2019

For any company, determining customer success involves a variety of factors—not just product/service quality. In order to stand out in today's evolving marketplace, businesses must recognize the importance of customer experience. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer...

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4 Critical Customer Segmentation Strategies

By Success4 April 24th, 2019

Customer segmentation is all about creating clusters of customers who share common traits. But why would you spend your time researching which of your customers fall into the same demographic or attitudinal segment and which are earning more or less?..

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2019 Best Practices When Calculating Customer Success ROI

By Success4 March 1st, 2019

Retaining clients is 70% cheaper than acquiring new ones. With that being said, Customer Success is an essential part of your sales funnel if you want to build a scalable business. But how do you measure the ROI for your customer success efforts?..

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