About Us

Success4, Inc was founded in 2016, it centralizes data from all customer interactions and data sources, monitors health and product usage, and predicts customer behavior so that the customer success teams can proactively engage with their customers in a most meaningful way.

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Our Team

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Balaji Rajagopalan

Balaji is a sought-after Bay Area Industry veteran in the BI & Analytics space. He has 20+ years of experience helping fortune 500 companies transform their BI landscape.

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Vivek Raghunathan
Head of Engineering

Vivek Raghunathan is a problem solver at heart and he thrives in challenging fast-paced environments. He has been an engineering leader for more than 10 years and worked at companies like Juniper Networks, Intel etc.

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Prashant Bhargava
Director of Engineering

Prashant Bhargava is deeply passionate about engineering and has a knack for solving complex technical problems with cutting-edge technology. He has experience in building multiple highly scalable software systems and has worked with various startups in his career.

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Matt Duke

Matt Duke is a pioneering, can-do executive leader with more than 20 years of experience in big data analytics, business strategy, business operations, inside sales, and customer success and worked at companies like Cisco, Oracle, and Facebook.

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Mark Tonnesen

Mark Tonnesen is a driven technology thought leader and senior operations executive, with a proven reputation for managing enterprise-wide technology transformations and creating and launching new business delivery models. He worked at Cisco, Logitech, McAfee, Neustar to name a few.

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